Graphics, Animation and Functionality
for Apps, Products and Marketing

App Graphics & Functionality

  • Aesthetic – User Interface
  • Function – User Experience
  • All Production Graphics
  • Marketing Materials

2D & 3D Graphics & Animation

  • ...for Marketing
  • ...for Presentations
  • Design for Paper Materials
  • Product Design Mockups
  • Exhibition Booth Mockups

Clients Include

University of California San Francisco
Dun & Bradstreet
NEC Corporation of America
Chevron Corporation
Carlos Santana
Acquerello Restaurant
Packard Bell
Hewlett Packard
Netscape Corporation
Hansa Business Solutions
Compaq Computers
Moody's RMS
Hasbro Inc.
California Fire Security, Inc.
Dell Computers
Insider Software, Inc.
MicroMat Computers Inc.
Carroll Services Inc.
DynaComp Systems
Trace-Net, Inc.
AM Research
O'Keeffe's Inc.
Emory Partners L.P.
OddsOn, Inc.
Prostate Cancer Research, Inc.
Vision Communications
The Landscape Company
Burman & Burkley, LLP
Christenson Velagio
Outspring Inc.
AEC Software, Inc.
See & Sea Travel
Rotheken Law Firm
Woolworth Accounting
Xydra International
CellTec, Inc.
Magnetic Communications
SoundBites, Inc.
WaterFall Healing Arts
PaigOne Associates
Chaperon Services
Spa Concepts International
A Better Finder
MontaVista Software, Inc.
BakBone Software, Inc.
Volterra Inc.
Micron Electronics
America’s Network
Phoenix Leasing
ClickStream Communications
YellowPages Super Highway
CuttingEdge Recruiting
Shawn Talyor, Inc.
Milagro Foundation
WorldGate Communications
Healthcare Enterprise Services
StilePartners L.P.
Aegis Wireless Security
Em Software, Inc.
Retail Therapy

Client Comments

"3D Studios helped me to create a 3D video for my public presentation on the biology aging, where we had to demonstrate a few basic concepts associated with the cellular power plant, mitochondrion. Mark was absolutely instrumental for the success of this project. He studied the topic and was able to propose several absolutely fantastic renderings of the ideas, so that my work essentially boiled down to the selection of colors that I prefer, etc. Mark was so enthusiastic in his approach that he has become the driving force of the project and pushed it (together with me) through to the completion in a very short time. He really made something that I originally perceived as complicated, simple!  Importantly, everything 3D studio did was very cost effective."
-- Yuriy Kirichok, PhD
University of California San Francisco

"3D Studios brings more to the table than graphic design. The impressive skill level in communication and creativity set 3D Studios apart from their peers. 3D Studios is truly a producer of quality media and an asset to any project."
-- Michael Serrato
Moody's Risk Management Services
Dun & Bradstreet

"3D Studios gives graphics a unique depth perspective that most designers seem to be unable to accomplish. This level of creativity truly provides added value to their customers."
-- Rebecca Smith
Micromat, Inc

"3D Studios are incredible designers who meet our needs quickly and consistently surpasses our expectations. We recommend them highly."
-- Denise Jenner
Vision Communications, Inc

"3D Studios designers are extremely talented and responsive and complete work on-time and within budget. They always goes the extra mile."
-- Jennifer Mulcaster
Netscape Corporation

"3D Studios strength, as a graphics designers, and their ability to translate a few words into a truly insightful rendering is outstanding. The quality of their work speaks for itself. It is their speed and efficiency in getting to the final graphic that is so impressive. I give 3D Studios my highest recommendation."
-- Les Briney
SystemSoft Corporation

"On our last project, we were working with 3D Studios on-line at 2:00 AM to finalize images for a project. 3D Studios creativity and willingness to stay with us distinguishes them from other design firms."
-- Ron Calef
Services Resources Company