No Charge Technical Support Services

QuickMail Talk Discussion Group
The QuickMail Talk discussion list is home for an active community of fellow QuickMail users. This is a great place to find peer-to-peer help as well as assistance from Outspring staff. To join QuickMail Talk, you can get more info here.

Technical Support Web site
The Support Section of our website is designed to provide you with technical information on our products. Visit that area to find FAQs, software updates, products news and more.

Bug Database
A publicly accessible bug-tracking system for Outspring client and server products as well as feature requests for future releases. QuickMail users are encouraged to log bugs and query for existing bugs.  The bug-tracking system is located at

Technical Support Knowledgebase
A searchable database that contains tech notes is available to help diagnose and solve your technical questions. The Knowledgebase is located in our Support Section.

Online Documentation
Updated versions of the documentation for Outspring's products can be found at

E-mail Support on current versions
Free e-mail support is available for current versions of our products by emailing Our target time for providing a response is 24 business hours.

Telephone Support
New customers qualify for 30-days of free support from their first call. To contact our technical support department call 707-523-7713.

Fee-Based Technical Support Services

E-mail Support on non-current versions
Outspring does provide support for many non-current versions of our products. The charge for e-mail support on non-current versions is $25 per incident. Our target time for providing a response is 24 business hours.

Telephone Support
Our Technical Advisors are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. We offer new customers 30-days of free support from their first call. After 30 days, the charge for support is $25 per call (also see support packages listed below).

Phone: 707-523-7713

Telephone Support Packages:

5 call pack

Annual Support Package

Purchase Support Packages by calling our sales department at 707-523-7711

Discontinued & Unsupported Products
Some older versions of our current product lines are no longer supported, and some products have been discontinued.

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